Cylindrical grinding machines-internal external-centerless  

CYLINDRICAL GRINDING MACHINES - INTERNAL EXTERNAL - CENTERLESS Cylindrical grinding machines, divided into the external and internal versions, for example, used to work on pieces and holes of cylindrical or conic. You can also easily find machines with automatic loading system with dimensional control, particularly suitable for processing in serial production. Among the most representative processing applications through removal allowed by grinding round figure that related to crankshafts, cylindrical surface of particular complexity from work, as well-known manufacturers and overhaul workshops. Stand out for its propensity to clamp workpieces unfit for between spindle and tailstock the centreless grinding machines with two rotating wheels in the same direction (an operator that performs a drag and grinding that slowly rotates the piece by pressing it against the first). Of high precision and high technology, these grinders are used mostly in specific sectors such as industry of electric motors and bearings, textiles or automotive.