LATHE MACHINES The lathe is an essential tool in industry, for working metal, wood or stone; machine tools are shown to form pieces of revolution (cylinders, cones, etc.). Is excised material forming a chip, to bring the piece to the required size. Today there are different types of lathe, depending on the industrial gill: -Parallel Lathe better lends itself to use in the mechanical piece wheel, while the tool runs parallel to the axis of the workpiece. -Vertical Lathe best suited to the machining of large parts, is ideal in metallurgical or within the shipbuilding suitable for large parts and weight. In this machine rotates the part resting on the floor. The tool moves on vertical rails or cross. -CNC Lathe is the evolution of the lathe; sees the electronics and a computer to work in an automatic way following a predetermined program. The CNC lathe is now much used in many sectors, since it brings together several features simultaneously, and accurately controls the job thanks to advanced digital technologies. -Copy Lathe for the industry that produces pieces serial, reproducing the features of a model previously set.

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  • CNC vertical lathe TVA FNC50 4AP CNC year 1987 N. 2 self centring chucks Ø: 400 mmMaximum turning diameter: 650 mmMaximum turning height: 500 mmMandrel speed - n. 2 ranges r.p.m.: 256 > 2048Numerical contol - 4 axis: FANUC II TT

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