NOTCHING MACHINES Machinery used for machining of metal parts to smooth the edges of a sheet. Generally consists of a support plane for the sheet metal and a pair of upper and lower blades and a pair of micrometer referencing squares. Three models are available notching machine: -Angle Fixed, which are characterized, as the name suggests, for the angle of the bevel drive; -Angle Variable, where you can adjust the angle of notching (to be evaluated very well the maximum and minimum values, depending on your needs); -Combinate, which can also be equipped with head for punching to make nibbling, slits, holes, in addition to the notch. The punching head can be installed in models prepared, both notching fixed angle and variable. On the market, in addition to the hydraulic notching, you can also find manual models. The notching machine bench, in general, is suitable for machining of handicraft and occasional, being far stability, accuracy, and efficiency guaranteed by modern models, numerical control. The notching manual usually has a very simple structure: on the stand there is a graduated scale and stop devices scalable for the placement of the sheet; cutting is precisely performed by the operator, making lever force tool.